We have bred both Goldens and Irishes, but we are in love with the 'Golden Irish' and are not producing pure Goldens or pure Irishes any longer.  Now we only breed 'Golden Irishes'. Most of the people contacting us have had 'Golden Irishes' before. Accidental 'Golden Irishes' were very prevalent in the 70's when there were more Irish Setters around. We are intentionally breeding 'Golden Irishes', all are breedings are planned. We have found that the 'Golden Irish' is low shedding and the temperament is profound. We have adult 'Golden Irishes' at our home as well as around the nation. We are breeding for Health, Longevity and Temperament. We have a personal trainer that visits our home on a regular basis. Please scroll down to read what others are saying about our 'Golden Irishes'.
                                                               'Golden Retrievers' from the 1930's
                                    Kyla in 'Modern Dog Magazine'
                                           Kyla lives in Canada
                                   Kyla's parents are Red and Lacy
Well, It's been a long time, but Bugsy Siegel (AKA Phoenix) has adjusted terrific her in PA.  We have had Bugsy since he was 12 weeks old. He could not have been the more perfect addition to our family.  My husband and I, along with our three children ( Son 13 and twin girls that are 10) are sooo in LOVE!  He was so easy to train, we were stunned.  We actually taught him to ring a bell with his nose to go out.  He is our first family pet, so we actually had NO IDEA what we were doing, he has made it so easy for us. We get stopped where ever we go- What is he???  His coat is gorgeous!  We love the attention!!!!  You can use us as a referral any time.
The Siegel Family
Sweet Liberty Kennels         May 8, 2009
I wanted to write you a short note about my friend DURANGO that you provided us. Durango is about 9 months now and is the most beautiful dog.  He is the sweetest thing in the world and literally melts when he is getting pets from just about anyone.  Durango recently completed an obedience course with an experienced trainer who claims he is the best dog she has ever worked with.  ( I have to agree!!)  Durango is very young but grasped the concepts quickly and is sooooo easy to control and be with it is amazing.  He is the happiest, most eager to please animal, and he is clearly very handsome as well. We just love him and can not thank you enough!                   Joseph D (California)
Packer (Alaska) 1 year old
Just a little glance backwards, Packer has grown so much since he came
to live with us.  He continues to display a wonderfully calm
personality and an elegant beauty.  He is well behaved and was so easy
to train.  After meeting Packer, a friend said "he has an old soul,
you can see it in his eyes".  We are one happy family with our Packer. Delmar Johnson (Alaska)
 Packer 1 1/2 years old
Packer is so loveable, smart,
beautiful, laid back, undemanding, playful, excellent
hunter, and I could go on.  We would like to have
another before he gets old.
Ronda, i tell ya, we couldn't be happier with scoop!!  he is the greatest little puppy ever!!  when we met him at the airport for the first time, we all fell in love with him instantly.  
he has settled-in nicely with us and has become part of our family.  our biggest challenge will be not to spoil him too much ;o)
thanks for making this a great experience and breeding such wonderful dogs!
 the kohls family
The world will be a better place with more Golden Irish's, Daniel is such a joy and so smart and lovable. Gary, Connecticut
I have one of the last litter, Jenny. I believe she was the last one of the litter to be sold. She
has a super personality... liking both people and other dogs. Loves to play. Graduated at
the head of her class in puppy training school. She  was in a house where a 1.5 yr old girl
played all over her for hours with no objection from Jenny. She travels well... she endured
at 1500 mile car trip when she was just 4 months old with very little fuss.. She minds well...
I have a rule that she can be on the couch if I am on the couch but not if I am not on the
couch, sort of a complicated rule. However,  she never violates it!
She has the long legs and face of the Irish Setter and the personality of the Golden,
a great combination in my mind. I am very happy to have such a sweet dog in the family.
Ted Miller (Connecticut)
Hi Ronda--
Just wanted to let you know that Dakota, 12 weeks old, (or Finnley as we call him now) is doing just great.  We absolutely adore him and he has settled in really well. My four year old lab and he are getting along just great and have started playing together which is hilarious to watch. Finn is super smart and doesn't even need a leash at the park--he walks right with me and is very obedient.  Everyone stops me when I walk him to say how beautiful he is and how well behaved he is for a puppy.  And what a sunggler!  Both the dogs sleep with me and he curls up right under my neck and snugles all night long. As you can tell, he has definitely found a place in our hearts and we look forward to giving him lots of love for many, many years. Thanks again for driving him up. 
All the best to you and your family,
Natalie (Seattle)
We just wanted to let you know that Connor, at 13 weeks old, has integrated well into our family.  He has settled in nicely, is eating well, loves to play with both of our kids, and enjoys the backyard.  He has been going with me and my 2-year-old on our daily morning walks and has adjusted well to walking next to the stroller.  Everyone just ooh's and aah's over him wherever we go!
Andi (Portland, Oregon)
After we had a Golden Irish for the last 15 years which broke our hearts when she pasted, we were so thrilled to find another breeder for these prefect dogs. We believe the Golden Irish mix is the prefect blend to a wonderful dog. We adopted your Ruby, who we now call Lilly. My husband would have taken the whole littler if the airlines would have let us! Lilly has  stolen our hearts.  She has fit into our family perfectly and even puts up with her two cats roommates. I think she is training us instead of us training her! She loves squeaky toys and stealing the toilet paper when no one is looking. Lilly has mended and melted our hearts.  We would like to add a sister dog for Lilly in a year, so keep us posted!
Lilly sends her love from her new home in San Diego to all her brothers and sisters and if you are ever  visiting San Diego, come by for a visit!
Love, Lilly's family
Hi there.
I'm from Christchurch New Zealand.
We adopted a new family member last year.
And I have been looking for others like her for a year. I found your website and was amazed and happy that these dogs are bred on purpose over there because the mix of the 2 breeds make these dogs temperament calm friendly and  easy to train great with children and their coats are so soft.
People always say how well behaved she is and what an amazing looking dog she is and it makes so proud to own this breed of dog.
Hey Ronda.  Sullivan is growing up to be a wonderful pup.  To make it simple,  Sullivan is the joy of our lives. He is very laid back and relaxed.  He is extremely easy to train and he is intent on pleasing us.  He is 65 lbs now and seems to have more growing left in him.  He plays with the 1 year yellow lab and our two cats well and is very patient.   He shows affection well and is well balanced.  We love him so much my wife is interested in another!  Thanks for all your hard work it has certainly paid off from our end.     Jim
Hi Ronda -
I thought I would update you on Zoey formerly Lily I think.  She is doing wonderful.  In fact right now she is sleeping on my foot as I write this email.  She is the perfect dog and just what I was looking for.  She has the personality of the Golden Retriever but the looks of the Irish Setter.  She isn't very large but my goodness she has the most protective bark - sounds like a big dog. She gets along great with the horses, llama and other dogs.  She definitely knows she is my dog and when I took her to work she could care less about anyone else at the office - which disappointed my co-workers.  I would highly recommend this breed to anyone. Mollie
 I just wanted to send you a note to tell you what a joy Sullivan is.  He is
 so full of energy and a snuggler!!  Jim and I are so happy we found your
 breeding group!
Thank you for allowing us to give your little one a home.  Happy New Year!
I run a blog at retrieverman.wordpress.com. I am generally a fan of the dark "old type" goldens, which some mistake for setter-golden hybrids. However, they are all hybrids with some form of red setter, either an Irish setter or a gordon setter (gordons have solid red pups every once in a while, and goldens are from Scotland, where gordons were very common.)
I am really interested in your dogs because I want to show people what real setter/goldens look like. Goldens do come in a really deep red color. I know this because I bred a few litters of AKC goldens that had several puppies in them that were very red. I found a picture of some the early goldens from the 1930's, just a few decades after they were separated from the flat-coat, I have attached this for you to compare it with some of your dogs. Red was commonplace in the golden from the beginning. This kennel is the Noranby Kennel. These dogs belonged to Mrs. Winnifred Charlesworth, who was instrumental in separating the "Tweedmouth strain" or flatcoats that were yellow or red from the main flatcoat breed.
Hybrid vigor is a good thing. I think the dog fancy is learning this slowly but surely. In a few generations what you're doing will not only be common, it will be encouraged. Crossing strains is a good idea every few generations. The original breeders of the flat and golden retriever understood this, as well as the breeders of Labradors. Those three breeds were heavily interbred, with goldens being part of the flatcoated breed well into the twentieth century. I wish you the best of luck with your dogs, and I'm sure the breed purists don't like what your doing. But you're doing health screenings on your dogs, checking the hips. A lot of breeders, even those of purebreds, don't do that. What we need is a new dog registry system that allows breeders to let new blood in. Genetic bottlenecks are not good for dogs or any animal. Cheetahs, which once roamed throughout Asia and Africa, are becoming extinct largely because they are so inbred, and I fear the same could happen to domestic dogs.
Scottie Westfall, "Retrieverman"  http://retrieverman.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/a-look-at-some-real-irish-golden-crosses/ 
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